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9 May

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BP MyScience 2011 Winners

20 Sep

           It is true when people say time flies very fast.  BP MyScience Challenge 2011 is officially end right after the prize giving ceremony that was held this morning at Ma’Daerah Turtle Sanctuary in Terengganu. We have received the official news from our teachers who were at the prize giving ceremony.

Here is the full list winner:

First Place: SBPI Rawang (SEPINTAR)
Second Place: SMK Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (STAR)
Third Place: SM Sains Selangor
Best Presentation: SMK Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (STAR)
Best Solar Boat: SM Sains Selangor
Best Exhibition Board: SMK Sri Permata*
Best Blog: SMK Sri Permata**

please noted-
*tie with STAR
**tie with SEPINTAR & SMK Alam Megah


           We would like to congratulate all winners. To the schools that didn’t win anything, try better next year, okay! A reminder from Green Ambassadors of SMK Sri Permata, although this go-green challenge has end, it doesn’t mean you need to ‘end’ doing things that can save our earth!!!

Remember to make each tomorrow a better today! Okay!


Solar Boat News

20 Sep

         Solar Boat Presentation and Solar Boat Race was held at 10 am and 12.30 pm respectively on 19 September 2011. Right now, we only have news for Solar Boat Race and now we would like to share it with everyone.

       We did a few test runs at the pond (the official competition pond @ Ma’Daerah) before the race starts. During this test runs with other participants, most of them felt that this boat could be the champion because it shows great aerodynamic surface and very good speed. Plus, our boat only take 7 seconds to reach the end of the track. However, it is just a test-run.

        12.30pm, thankfully it was a very sunny day. Therefore, during the 1st round, our boat could speed up and end the 4 meter long race although it can’t start during the first-trial. Our boat qualified to second round.

        Unfortunately, due to ‘guide-wire’ problem and uneven water surface , our boat did speed well but it suddenly stopped in the middle of the race the during the 2nd round. Therefore, SMK Sri Permata’s boat didn’t qualify to the third round, so our boat only managed to achieve Top 8 out of 10 boats after a tough race.

         At 1.30 pm, the race is over and the fastest boat goes to SM Sains Selangor. Congratulations!

*p/s- To all readers, stay-tuned to this blog, we will announce the BP MyScience 2011’s overall winner here soon right after we received the news for prize giving ceremony at Ma’Daerah.

Info by,
En Abdul Shukur.. Live from Ma’Daerah

Updated by,
GK Irfan Husin.. Updating from Petaling Jaya

Accounts Full Report

17 Sep

        We finally closed our account. RM500.00 seed money from BP Malaysia was spent on :

– School Activities : RM287.60

– Prizes and Materials : RM117.02

– Food : RM60.48

– Final Preparation For Ma Daerah : RM34.90

Surveys : Full Report

17 Sep

Survey 1: BP myScience 2011 @ SMK Sri Permata:

             In conclusion, there are students who are still unaware of the importance of taking a step closer to save the earth. Even though some may say that we should not have a Green Ambassador Club in school, but most students supported us and said that we should have it because we believe that no matter how small group we are, we are still able to do something good for the environment.

              In addition, all of us should play a part in spreading the awareness to others and inviting them to join us in green programs/activities such as Bp myScience.

Survey 2: Solar Boat:

             In conclusion, students in SMK Sri Permata are moving towards energy saving products. They practice green lifestyle not only in school but at home too.

Report by:
GA Sevu & GK Christa

Ma’Daerah… It’s Tomorrow!

17 Sep


*tick, tock, tick, tock*

……time’s running out. It’s less than 24 hours before we start our journey to Ma’Daerah.

          Today, Mr Quek WS, Pn.Chua as well as 8 Green Aambassadors came to school to finish our work and to prepare ourselves for tomorrow. We start at 9:30am.

GK Jasmine helped to add some facts on to the exhibition board.

Our mentor ... Wern Shen is giving tips to GA Nicholas Bong on our Solar Boat.

Wern Shen was our 'judge' during our full rehearsel today.


Pn Yip CY, our PK Kokurikulum dropped by to give us her support ... she brought food for us.

 The 5 students and 2 teachers that are going to Ma’Daerah said:

We will do our best just for SMK Sri Permata!

Surveys’ Response

16 Sep

           The two survey that conducted by Green Ambassadors has ended. GK Christa and GA Sevu are currently rounding up the response. We support Paperless, Read Online!, that’s why the survey is done through google-doc.

1. Survey questions carried out by GK Christa about BP myscience @ SMK Sri Permata:

The response that was in excel format:

2. Survey carried out by GA Sevu about Solar Boat:

The response:

Report by:
GA Parminder